Terms of Service

§ 9 Reservation of title

The goods delivered remain the property of Ferdinand Klotzky until complete payment.

§10 Copyright

The transferred recordings always remain the property of the originator.

(2) The copyright law applies to all designs as well as to the respective end products (photos / advertisements, etc.) of Ferdinand Klotzky as personal intellectual creation.

(3) The work of Ferdinand Klotzky may not be altered or imitated in the original or in the reproduction without written consent. The transfer to third parties outside the agreed purpose requires a separate consent from Ferdinand Klotzky.

(4) In any case, Ferdinand Klotzky is entitled to a free copy of the document. This document may be freely used for self-promotion.

(5) The customer is obliged to place an appropriate copyright notice on the services of Ferdinand Klotzky. Other agreements shall be made in writing. If the copyright is omitted, a premium of 100% of the usage fee is payable.